Management Strategy

Management Strategy

Since our new start on September 1, 2016, we have been developing the convenience store and GMS businesses as central pillars to the Company.
The retail business environment is undergoing great changes. The size of the retail market is shrinking due to population decline in Japan, competition unrestricted by the boundaries of industries is intensifying, and the borders between virtual (e-commerce) and brick-and-mortar (retail) markets are deteriorating. These factors are significant threats to our business model centered on physical stores. In the face of such an environment, we strive to utilize the Group's unique management resources to the fullest, working every day toward improving our business model. Without being restricted by the confines of a retail business company, we aim to grow as a provider of social and lifestyle infrastructure indispensable to delivering even higher levels of comfort to our customers.

~ Moving Toward a Complete Integration ~

-FamilyMart UNY Management Strategy-

1.Allocate management resources with the aim of growth

  • Enhancement of store quality
  • Further reinforcement in areas with a high competitive edge
  • Further transition toward superior business domains
  • Appropriate allocation of human resources

2.Add new store features that leverage strengths
New growth fields
(Finance, EC/Omni-channel, Senior citizens/home delivery)

  • Establish customer foundation and promote compatibility with smart devices (smartphones)
  • Cultivate measures aimed at loyal customers by leveraging customer data
  • Advance actual stores to function as a contact point with customers
  • Resolve last-mile issues

3.Maximize synergies

  • Integration of CVS
  • Cooperation between GMS ans CVS
  • Centralize employee divisions

4.Implement financial strategies that support continuous growth

  • Strengthen and promote diverse fundraising methods, carry out strategic investments in growth fields
  • Work toward a consolidated payout ratio of 40%