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Guided by our Group principle of "Everyday Fun and Fresh," we will fully leverage the Group's unique management resources to move forward with daily reforms to our business model based on our "Everyday IMPROVE" slogan. Through these efforts, we will strive to grow into a social and lifestyle infrastructure provider that is indispensable to the daily lives of consumers.

In the convenience store business, we are advancing a concerted Groupwide effort to convert Circle K and Sunkus brand stores into FamilyMart brand stores. At the same time, we forged ahead with three major improvements, namely ready-to-eat item, marketing, and operational improvements. As of May 31, 2017, we had completed the brand conversion of 1,583 stores, which was more than we had planned. We have also been focusing on boosting store competitiveness through the aforementioned improvements so that we can leverage our network of approximately 18,000 stores in Japan in the pursuit of growth. In addition, we completed the integration of ready-to-eat products and various other FamilyMart and Circle K Sunkus brand product lines in February 2017 and then moved on to commence the integration of distribution functions to further draw out the synergies of the management integration.

In the general merchandise store business, we reopened APITA Shinmoriyama in February 2017 and APITA Kakamigahara in April of the same after renovating these stores to make them into lifestyle proposing shopping centers that cater to customer needs. These renovations were designed to invigorate the stores by introducing tenants such as a Kusamura Books, which combines a TSUTAYA CD store with a Starbucks Coffee shop. In addition, March 2017 saw the opening of a FamilyMart service spot, a service counter with high-demand convenience store service functions, at Telass Walk Ichinomiya. In these manners, we sought to boost the convenience of our general merchandise store business by introducing such service counters to expand the range of service options available to customers.

Calculated based on International Financial Reporting Standards, gross operating revenues in the three-month period ended May 31, 2017, amounted to \310.3 billion, operating profit came to \12.5 billion, and profit attributable to owners of the parent was \7.7 billion.

As we progress through the rest of the fiscal year, we will seek to take full advantage of Groupwide synergies and economies of scale while contributing to local communities to boost revenues, profit, and corporate value. The convenience store business will target the early completion of the conversion of Circle K and Sunkus brand stores into FamilyMart brand stores, thereby aiming to establish an industry-leading operating foundation. Meanwhile, the general merchandise store business will implement structural reforms to get back on the track to profit growth.

We ask for the continued support of all our investors and shareholders going forward.

Representative Director and President
Kouji takayanagi