Message from our President

The environment surrounding us is changing rapidly. The sustainable growth of a company means to keep taking on challenges without fearing change. I believe that a sustainable society is formed through unflagging efforts to rise above challenges.

Aiming to develop together with society through community-based management

Issues, such as the declining birthrate and aging population, labor shortage, concentration of the population into cities, environmental issues, and respect for human rights, that modern society faces and the rapid change into a digital society present a variety of challenges to the Group. In order to open a path to the future and ensure sustainability as a company, we are required to act from an unconventional perspective more than ever before.

Due to the completion of management integration, we made a new deperture as "One FamilyMart" that is not only CVS brand but also people and hearts became one. To this end, we strongly determined that each and every employee is committed to thinking and acting on their own, nurturing mutual respect, and joining forces with one another to generate the greatest synergy. We aim to realize sustainable growth together with people of local communities by turning the scale expansion due to the integration into streamlining and the enrichment of quality and by conducting business while paying attention to details through meeting the needs of local communities.

Placing a particular focus on the securing of human resources and the development of products and services that meet the diverse needs of each community, and the digital strategy

For sustainable management, it is essential to secure human resources. In the face of a labor shortage, we actively accept senior citizens and foreigners, and develop a workplace friendly to every worker. Since we are an aggregate of different cultures due to repeated management integrations, we have developed a deep understanding of the significance of accepting different values and differences and the need for diversity in the truest sense of the word. At the same time, we have learned that people's mindsets cannot be changed easily and that it is tough to take specific actions. We need to throughly review the present ways and have the power to change the ways through challenging trial and error.

In an environment marked by various social issues, consumer needs have been changing. We, thus, ourselves must change so that we can avoid self-absorbed thinking and accept different views, by being sensitive to the change in values and lifestyle.

In light of the change in consumer behavior from women's participation in society and consumer awareness of environmental issues, we have adopted green packaging and enriched the lineup of prepared food. Moreover, we also promote the development of stores that meet the needs of each community where customers can find daily necessities and services when they need them. In an effort to become a trusted brand for everyday life that customers continue using, we will further continue enhancing the quality of each store.

Continuing to take on challenges toward the realization of a sustainable society from a long-term perspective

As a retail business and group of companies that play a role in the development of the local economy, we fully understand the significance of the development of a sustainable society and agree to the United Nations Global Compact initiative. Currently, international society accelerates its efforts toward the achievement of SDGs in 2030. The Group will also accelerate its efforts by assigning higher priority to the materialities set last year.

Especially, the countermeasures against global warming and the plastic waste issue are the themes we cannot overlook in the midst of ever-tightening regulatory control. In my view, the entire industry needs to address the issue of plastic food containers and shopping bags by a collective effort while leveraging our wisdom to break established customs. In addition, a reduction of food loss is another serious issue. While it stands to reason that strict standards are required for food quality and safety control, we understand that there are criticisms that many food, which is still good enough to eat, is thrown away. We have been making constant efforts not only to reduce waste in the manufacturing process of products, but also to extend the expiration date while maintaining the freshness of food. Even where the food is expired at stores unavoidably, we promote a system to recirculate them.

Moreover, as a community-based company, we are required more than ever to provide functions as social and lifestyle infrastructure. If the diversification of needs by the community accelerates in response to changes in the social structure, such as the declining birth rate, aging population, we need to shift from a one-size-fits-all business model to a decentralized management model that reflects the characteristics of each community. This approach also applies to the achievement of SDGs, and we believe that in our efforts to resolve community issues, our stores should serve as safe, reliable bases where people of local communities come to communicate with one another and that our store operation should contribute to the vitalization of local communities.

In an effort to meet the increasingly sophisticated and diversified needs and continue answering consumer expectations, we need to actively roll out new products and services that go beyond the bounds of business categories while leveraging the collective strengths of the Group to continue providing products and services whose safety and reliability are secured throughout the entire supply chain. For the issues of risks, such as disasters, environment, and human rights, it is essential for us to build and maintain consumer trust through the stable supply of products in collaboration with suppliers.

In order to achieve them, I believe that the promotion of true diversity, such as the acceptance of people with different views and cultural backgrounds, the attitude to address issues from a new perspective, and the development of a corporate climate that tolerates different values, is important.

The retail business model may change drastically over the coming ten years due to the evolution of technology and the issues of population structure and environment, and it may take a totally different form 30 years from now. In order for each of us to grow in a sustainable manner and contribute to the realization of a sustainable society by resolving social issues, we will continue taking up and rising above future challenges as "One FamilyMart."

Representative Director and President
Takashi Sawada